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Pine Point Equestrian is proud to be offering Family & Team Group Sessions as a new service in 2022!

These sessions will be for a family, group, and/or team to partake in activities using a horse to facilitate characteristics and traits such as:

  • Trust & Connections

  • Clear, Confident, & Effective Communication

  • Acceptance of Support From The Other Family/Group/Team Members

  • Ownership of Individual Responsibilities & Roles

During these sessions, the horse will be used in the following ways:

  • Grooming/Bathing & Basic Health Care

  • Safe Handling of Horses in Pastures, Barn, While Leading, etc.

  • Work With a Horse on The Ground in The Ring, Which May Include Work Over and Through Obstacles, Poles, etc.

  • These Sessions DO NOT Include Any Form of Riding or Mounted Work

Each session may also include:

  • Group Discussions Surrounding The Activities of The Session

  • Basic Questionnaires to Determine the Usefulness of These Sessions For Each Individual and Family/Group/Team


While Jessica has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and experience in the Mental Health industry, she does not hold any certifications or licenses to practice counseling or therapy. These sessions should only be used and viewed as an activity to promote engagement, bonding, etc. in families, groups, and/or teams. These sessions ARE NOT suitable to address, diagnose, or treat specific mental health concerns within these units. Jessica and the group’s expectations should all be heard and managed AT THE START OF OR BEFORE each session. Outcomes of these sessions are highly variable and individual - no specific outcome is ever guaranteed.

Who Could Benefit From a Family & Team Group Session?

In short, everybody! There are valuable lessons to be gained from working with horses, which makes these sessions perfect for each individual in your family, team, or group.

More specifically, these sessions will be great for your family if you are looking for an activity that everyone will love and be engaged in. This could be one of your new favorite family activities if you meet any of the following criteria:

  1. Families hoping to deepen their connections within their unit.

  2. Families who wish to more effectively communicate with each other.

  3. Families looking to better understand their familial dynamics. 

  4. Families just wanting to have a great time together!

If your workplace, organization, church, school, or university group is looking for a team bonding activity that everyone will enjoy, try out one of our sessions! This could be your group's new go-to team activity if you meet any of the following criteria:

  1. Groups interested in learning more about their team dynamics.

  2. Groups looking to work on their communication skills.

  3. Groups wanting to learn more about each individual.

  4. Groups just wanting to have a great time together!

How Much Does a Session Cost & What Is Included?

Pricing Coming Soon! 

At this time, we are only able to accommodate groups of up to 5 people per session.

Each session will include the following:

  1. Up to TWO hours of equine-facilitated activities (monitored and led by Jessica at all times).

  2. Use of one to two horses (whichever is deemed appropriate by Jessica).

  3. Full use of the property’s EQUESTRIAN amenities (i.e.: barn, bathroom, outdoor sitting areas, and riding arena).

  4. Full use of the barn’s EQUESTRIAN equipment (i.e.: grooming tools, bathing products, safety gear, wheelbarrows, pitchforks, shovels, rakes, and brooms).

  5. Limited refreshments provided (water, Body Armor, coffee, tea, and a small variety of snacks).

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