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We are committed to maintaining a supportive and educational training environment to build relationships between horses and riders, fostering a lifelong love for their sport and these animals. Jessica personalizes every lesson and training ride to fit each individual's needs and goals, no matter if they are aiming to go on a trail ride or to their first show. This simple philosophy allows Jessica to service a wide variety of disciplines, including (but not limited to): eventing, dressage, show jumping, english and western pleasure riding, and trail riding.

Our riding lesson and training services are available throughout Aiken & Richland County. We do have a few select spots available at a private facility for training board - please contact Jessica directly for more information.


Jessica strives to produce kind, quiet, and effective riders through the teaching of correct aids and an independent, balanced seat. We provide our students with the opportunity to ride on the flat, over fences, and across various obstacles. Our students also learn more than just how to ride - other skills they will master include grooming, basic stable management, and care of the horse, all of which are important aspects of horsemanship that are emphasized in our program.




With trust and patience at the forefront of her program, Jessica will individualize each horse's training program to fit not only the needs of its rider, but also those of the horse. Each client will be introduced to many activities, all in an effort to create a confident, safe, and happy horse. Just like our riders, our horses learn many important skills, to include patience, personal space, work on the ground, and confidence in any new situation or setting. We value time spent outside of the ring just as much as time spent inside the ring, and each horse is encouraged to grow as an individual and learn at their own pace.



* 3X/WK TRAINING PACKAGE: $360 per month

* 5X/WK TRAINING PACKAGE: $500 per month

(* additional mileage fees apply off property)

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