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Battle of The Breeches

Full seats and knee patches and tights, oh my! There are so many different brands, styles, and materials of breeches on the market that it’s sometimes hard to know where to start. Riders’ preferences may be swayed by the discipline they ride in, what they personally feel is the most comfortable, and even by the current styles that are showcased across social media. Does full seat vs. knee patch make a difference in and out of the show ring? Does the grip material really matter? Is there one brand dominating the market right now? I dove in to answer these questions and more.

Want to read more? Check out the full blog post over on The Tried Equestrian! The Tried Equestrian (TTE) is the premiere site for quality consignment and discount equestrian apparel and tack. Their founder, Taylor Hall, started TTE when she noticed that there was no one organized place to purchase quality equestrian consignment and second-hand apparel, accessories, and tack. She wanted to provide a one-stop-shop for riders to purchase high quality styles at more affordable prices. Taylor also wanted to encourage the equestrian community to give their used items a second life instead of throwing them away.

TTE works hard to serve their consignors and customers with an easy, reliable, and transparent buying and selling experience because they know that horses change, styles change, and sizes change. They even offer complimentary shopping assistance to help you and your horse look and feel your best! To learn more about The Tried Equestrian’s consignor program and to shop their current selection, visit their website today!

Thank you for joining and supporting our community. We are so excited to have you along for the ride!

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