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Honest Review: Ariat Ladies’ V Sport II Tall Boots

I can’t think of anything better (or worse) than a new pair of riding boots. My previous pair of tall boots lasted me a solid six years of everyday wear and tear. I didn’t admit defeat until the zippers had given out for the third time and the toe seams were showing my socks. So began the search for the next pair…

In my search for a unicorn boot, my criteria was simple yet unwavering:

  • Comfortable enough to be worn pretty much all day, everyday. I am in my tall boots for 8-12 hours a day, and not all of that time is spent in the saddle. Because of this, it was critical to find a boot that was not only comfortable in the irons, but also comfortable on the ground.

  • Breathable so that “swamp foot” is a thing of the past. Living in the south means that I am teaching and riding in hot and/or wet weather at least 75% of the year. I needed a tall boot that would offer support while also remaining breathable.

  • The bottom of the boot to be just as important as the rest of it. This may seem like a no-brainer, but not all tall boots are made the same. It was important to me to find a boot with actual tread on the sole, as well as comfort and support inside for my foot.

After a few months of reading reviews, comparing prices, and waiting on my size to come available, I snagged a pair of the Ariat Ladies’ V Sport II Tall Boots from Dover Saddlery. After slipping my foot in these boots for the first time, I almost immediately fell in love. Of course, there was the period of tough love that accompanies breaking in a new pair of boots, but after those few short days, these boots and I quickly became BFF’s. Here’s what I love about these boots:

  • Ariat’s patented “Advanced Torque Stability” (ATS) and Duratread outsole. The ATS technology provides all-day support in the foot and ankle so that you are less likely to experience leg fatigue. I have also noticed that my ankles specifically have felt much more stable, both in and out of the saddle. Additionally, Ariat’s use of the Duratread outsole in a riding boot is genius! It feels like I’m wearing a sneaker and I have no fear of slipping on wet concrete or the slick clay that South Carolina is famous for.

  • Needle-punched leather and moisture-wicking sock liner. Besides looking super cool, the needle-punched leather that Ariat uses on the outside calf is breathable and soft. Combined with the intact sock liner, I am confident that these boots will help keep my feet cool and dry all year long.

  • They’re, like, really pretty. Besides all of the amazing features that I have listed above, they are also show-stoppers. The varying textures and unique ventilation patterns give these boots a cool, yet sophisticated look that is sure to endure.

Do you own a pair of Ariat boots? I’d love to hear your comments! As always, thank you for joining and supporting our community. We are so excited to have you along for the ride!

Until next time,


pc: Jessica Champagne

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