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Introducing Family & Team Group Sessions

I am so excited to introduce Pine Point’s newest service: Family & Team Group Sessions! These sessions blend my passion for horses and psychology in a relaxing and fun atmosphere. While these sessions are not therapy, they are certainly therapeutic in a loose sense. Just being around the horses while interacting with your family or team is a great way to bond while having fun and spending time together.

These sessions work for everyone because there is no riding involved. Through activities such as grooming, bathing, and leading a horse in the pasture or through obstacles in the arena, families and teams can work together to facilitate and establish connections, communication, support, and an understanding of individual responsibilities within their group. Because horses are very intuitive animals, they are great tools to uncover what we may be holding inside. By mirroring the emotions you are feeling (but not necessarily talking about), they allow us to understand ourselves better. From this, it becomes easier to work more cohesively and empathetically with your team.

So who could benefit from these sessions? The answer, in short, is everyone! There are valuable lessons to be gained from working with horses, which makes these sessions perfect for each individual in your family, team, or group. If you are looking for an activity that everyone in your family will love and be engaged in, then these sessions are for you! If your work team, organization, church, school, or university group is interested in learning more about team dynamics or want to improve communication skills between the members within their group, I would highly recommend giving these sessions a try.

While these sessions can promote therapeutic benefits, they should not be considered, viewed, or used as therapy. While I do have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and experience in the Mental Health industry, I do not hold any certifications or licenses to practice counseling or therapy. These sessions should only be used and viewed as an activity to promote engagement, bonding, etc. in families, groups, and/or teams. These sessions ARE NOT suitable to address, diagnose, or treat specific mental health concerns within these units. Outcomes of these sessions are highly variable and individual - no specific outcome is ever guaranteed.

Thank you for joining and supporting our community. We are so excited to have you along for the ride!

Until next time,


pc: Jessica Champagne

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