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Starting With a Plan

Pine Point Equestrian has been growing and we couldn’t be happier! As 2023 is coming to an end, we are gearing up to move to a new facility as well as welcoming new clients. With all of these exciting changes and new faces, I have been noticing some surprising patterns turn up among my very different clients. We are proud to cater to the beginner rider learning how to steer, to rehab horses coming back from an injury, to new horse owners, to those going to their first show, and to those working on building up their confidence. While all of these clients have different goals and each needs an individual program, the one thing we have all been focusing on lately is: having a plan. 

I’m sure some people may be thinking, “Having a plan? With horses?! That’s crazy!”. I assure you, any planning done with horses is held loosely. What I am referring to is having a plan at the start of each ride. Without one, you may find yourself running in meaningless circles! With all of my clients, no matter the circumstances, I always remind them (and myself) to start each day, ride, and/or groundwork session with a plan. I have found this philosophy to be one of the most prominent in the success of my program. 

What this looks like for my beginner riders is giving them a clear goal to focus on during each of their lessons. Whether it’s following a simple course of poles to practice their steering or a “Simon Says” pattern of transitions to solidify their control and balance while on the horse, having a plan for them has helped tremendously. For my clients with young horses, helping them prepare a plan for each of their rides has allowed them to more clearly focus on their goals and the basics of training that are so important to instill from the beginning. Even for my clients who are working on slowly rehabbing their horse from an injury, a plan for each ride is as simple as following the conditioning program determined by the veterinarian. And last, but not least, for my students who are working towards competing, whether in schooling or recognized shows, reminding them to have a plan for each ride keeps their eyes on the prize so that they work towards their goal each time they get on their horse.

My students aren’t the only ones who benefit from having a plan - I abide by this philosophy, too, of course! With a busy schedule, having a plan for each ride allows me to more easily manage my time. Without one, I may find myself riding around for an hour on a horse that really only needs 30 minutes of focused, intentional work. It is so rewarding to find a program that can create positive change for all of my clients, no matter how different their goals or circumstances may be. 

Thank you for joining and supporting our community. We are so excited to have you along for the ride!

Until next time, 


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