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White Boards For The Win

White boards are one of the most underrated tools you should be utilizing in your barn. I use them in my tack room, feed room, in the aisle, and even in the trailer. They are perfect for keeping track of appointments, planning schedules, managing client notes, and completing daily tasks.

The white board in my feed room is a great place to list out each horse’s feed schedule, which includes what type of grain they eat, how much of that grain they get at each feeding, and any supplements that need to be mixed into their grain. I also include the scale for how each type of grain is measured. Simply make a note of how many quarts are in one scoop of the container you use to measure out grain, and then how much one quart of that grain weighs. If a horse needs a certain variety or amount of hay, I would include that information on this board as well.

The white boards in my tack room contain important daily information, such as the day-to-day checklist and a space for specific notes for each day. I also include a space on that board for a shopping list that I can continuously add to, and a whole other calendar white board for that full month. This is a great way to be able to compare dates for that month quickly, and jot down notes throughout the day. I also have a weekly checklist that I keep in a separate notebook, which includes tasks that need to be completed just once a week, every week. Each day, I need to make sure I complete a couple of tasks from that weekly list in order to stay on track. Whichever of those tasks I have decided to do for that day will be written down on my daily white board each morning so that I know they need to be completed!

Other white boards that are helpful to have in the barn is one in the aisle that acts as a map for everyone to know how the facility and property is laid out. You can also include every pasture and which horses go in each. Having a white board in the trailer is great for showing so that you can write out your schedule when you’re on the road! I make sure to include all emergency numbers on every white board so that no matter where you are, that contact information is always readily available in case of an emergency.

White boards are essential for helping me stay organized. They are also very motivating because I can cross each item off of the list as I progress through my day. At the end of each day, I can look back at all I have accomplished! Then, I wipe it clean, and have a fresh start for the next day.

Thank you for joining and supporting our community. We are so excited to have you along for the ride!

Until next time,


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